Staying Balanced in the New Normal

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First there was covid, now there are other crises... there is is always something else creating stress...  Most people I talk to admit they are tired... I was quite tired myself at the end of June... Why not use the holidays for some well needed self care?

You've heard the theory, you've read the articles and maybe even books but ... now is the time to put that theory into practice.

To create habits, to walk your talk, to make it sustainable.

Boost your resilience, one habit at the time!

What is causing you stress? What is eating your energy?
What area of your life needs a boost?

Let's find out and ... remedy!

Because... #youalwayshaveachoice #YAHAC


4 modules: theory and exercises

In this online version, I try to keep the theory to a minimum: 1 video per module, maximum 30 minutes.

Watch it, and let it sink in.

Video library

Reflect - do the exercises

After having watched the videos, it's good think about how this shows up in your life. And... what you can do to deal with it in a more sustainable way.

You need more support?

As from September 2022, this course is self-study only.

If you need more support, you can always ask for individual or small group coaching (= not included in the offer).

#youalwayshaveachoice #YAHAC


It's your time and you are ready for the next step

You cannot control what happens to you but ... you can choose how you deal with it. Boosting your resilience is something you can control. You can achieve  A LOT by working on your stressors, working on your mindset, improving your selfceare and taking care of your body. No more excuses. I'm there to help you. 
Let's boost your resilience!
#youalwayshaveachoice #YAHAC

  • Nancy Batens

    “Following this training is the best you can do because Nancy is very experienced in the domain, she walks her talk, her way of presenting is very structured, clear and hands on. And she has a great sense of humor 🙂”

    Coach, supervisor, trainer and author

  • Nancy Batens

    “The course is at the same time, an introduction to a complicated topic, as well as a “cook book”, how to apply the complicated topics in practice. While you can not expect to become completely resilient at the end of the course, you get a recipe how to boost your resilience and in which directions to work further. You also get tips what to do in particular situations. There are a lot of things that will stay with me in the everyday life, such as 4*4 breathing for someone who’s not in love with mediation, cognitive restructuring, dealing with overwhelm through a simple matrix, etc. The course has an individual approach; the trainer helps everyone with their specific issues. A very compact schedule helps you to work when you can, but thinking about the topic gets grounded in your everyday thinking. To recommend. #YAHAC 🙂 ”

    Head of Unit, European Commission

  • Nancy Batens

    “I would definitely recommend this course to anybody. You do need to take the necessary time to make the most of it. You can do the assignments on your own and/or go back to them after the Q&A session. The enthusiasm and warmth of the coach are heart-warming and sincere. The videos are well structured and clear.”

    Assistant Physician Urology

  • Nancy Batens

    “The length is very good, the fact that there is no time constraints as strict as class trainings, the familiarity of the platform, the fact that the trainer has the time to answer every single question, and the fact that the trainer is very knowledgeable and explains things as for “dummies” with very clear examples, the applicability both in private and professional life of the things I learned, the great impact on my internal peace… There are sooo many things! Thank you Nancy!”

  • Nancy Batens

    “A very interesting and above all useful course on how to deal with your emotional (over)reaction to stress, and on how to re-think your thoughts about what’s happening to you. Nancy can guide you through your reactions and thoughts, so as to help you re-writing your own story.”

  • Nancy Batens

    “Very interesting and flexible course with a great experienced trainer. The course gives practical advice on how to recognize stress and how to boost your resilience for better dealing with it. For myself the course actually put a structure into thoughts and attitudes that I already had when faced with stress but which i was not applying in a consistent manner and therefore i was not seeing results. With the knowledge and the awareness i have now, i feel i am better equipped to deal with stress.”